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Project Gallery

Below are a few projects Landtrends Inc. has completed over the years. As our company grows, so do the styles of projects we work on. From small paver edits, to complete design and installations, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.


Encephelartos and Vresia imperialis make bold statement pieces in a garden, especially when complimented by soft grasses like these Sesleria autumnalis, and 'Cousin itt' Acacias.

This small backyard underwent quite a transformation in the Winter of 2022/23. From an old brick patio layout and uneven terrain, to an elegant, funtional environment in a few short months, the final product is something we know the homeowner will enjoy for years to come.


When we first set eyes on this property in Del Mar, we knew there was a lot of work to be done to get the landscape back on track. Weeds were taking over every square foot of soil, and the irrigation was very out dated. In a few short months and with a fantastic team, we were able to bring it back to life.

Transforming this courtyard into a lush, useful space was one of our biggest pleasures. With challenges on functionality, shade/full sun exposures, and soil conditions, the final product is something that we're very proud of.


One of our first complete tranformations, this project is still one of our favorites. The client wanted a tropical paradise with nooks and crannies for their grandchildren to "explore". As the plant material matures, this will be a perfect spot to escape, as well as welcome you in.

This customer was tired of the D.G. around the firepit sticking to his bare feet, so we swapped out the D.G. for more pavers. We decided to outline the pad in the existing border which helped designate this area as the fire pit area, visually.


This was a fun design and install, as the home owner is very into ham radios. With height restrictions in the HOA, we needed to engineer a way to get a strong signal with a short antenna by burrying a 10' x 10' wire mesh underground with a loop style antenna. We then added loads of flowering shrubs and perennials, pathways for the grandkids to run around in, fruit trees, and water features to give that "cooling" feeling in hot Menifee.

Creating an area that was clean, and safe for children to run around and play in. This transformation happened in just a few short days, and made a huge impact on the overall use of this backyard.

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