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We love working with our clients on creative new ways to use their garden and bring life to their home. Every attention to detail makes a huge difference on the end result, and that's why we go the extra-mile by hand-selecting plant material, working closely with best-in-class subcontractors, and spending extra time thinking of all of the if, and, or but's.


It all starts here. Exploring what our customers are looking for, discovering their interests, examining the site. This is our "ask-questions" stage where we try and get as much background information as possible to build a healthy foundation.

Problem Solving

Here is where we get back to reality and focus on how we're going to make our dreams into a reality. We start thinking of functionality of the site, drainage solutions, best irrigation practices for locations, etc.


After our design is approved, we dive in to installation. We work very closely with our customers through the entire installation process to ensure the dream is in fact turning into a reality.


Once we have developed an idea, we go back to the office, and think of all of the fun ideas we could do to achieve the overall "feel" we're looking for. This is where nothing is too outlandish or out of the box.


Now that our homework is done, we're ready to develop a concept and put things down on paper to propose to the customer. We develop drawings and plant pallets with a few options that our customers can pick from.


After installation, we offer weekly maintenance services with monthly billings. We warranty all plant material planted by Landtrends for 30 days, and our staff is happy to answer any maintenance questions that may come up.

What Our Clients Say

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Corey and Jenna

We had an incredible experience working with Landtrends. We were looking to update our condo's backyard with pavers and had no idea where to start. Landtrends made the process of choosing pavers, implementing a design and execution seamless and easy. We love our new outdoor space and get compliments on it all the time. Thank you Landtrends!

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