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Garden Maintenance

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is prepared to take on all the seasonal tasks needed to make sure your garden thrives all year long. We spend many hours educating and growing the skills of our employees to be able to tackle most anything mother nature can throw at them. 

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Every plant requires specific nutrients for them to thrive, and as they grow, the soil gets more and more depleted of these nutrients. Using organic products can solve this issue over time, as they break down and pump life back into the soil. Our expert staff knows what to apply, and when.


Hand Pruning

Hand pruning is a skill that requires attention to detail and knowledge of how the plant grows. This includes paying attention to the nodes on the branches to direct new growth, thinning out the center of the plant to encourage good airflow, and cleanliness of the equipment, so you don't spread disease. Our experts are well-trained on all aspects of hand-pruning, and always work with safety top-of-mind.


Intentional Plant Selection

When building a plant pallet, we like to consider more than just the look of the plant. We consider the site location, soil type, environmental factors, water requirements and companionship with surrounding plant material. Selecting the correct plant allows for longer enjoyment of the plant material and a healthier garden down the road.

Knowledgable Staff

  • Combined 30+ years of experience

  • California Certified Nursery Professional Certification

  • Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional

  • QAL Licensed

  • Bachelor's degree in Horticulture from Cal Poly SLO

  • Bachelor's degree in General Business from Oregon State University

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